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Mission Statement

At Northcote, computing is used daily, in all different subjects. Computing helps us learn skills and gets us ready for our future work-life. We learn computing skills in computing lessons and in other lessons too: Geography, Maths, D&T and others. Computing is always supervised by adults so that everyone is safe; learning how to be safe online is our priority. Northcote’s aim is to keep children safe online and give them the knowledge to be able to do so. We are taught to act sensibly, respectfully and responsibly and know what actions should be taken if anything inappropriate happens online. The teachers also provide parents and carers with up-to-date information so that everyone can work together in keeping children safe online.

Computing & IT Policy – June 2023

During their time at Northcote Primary School, pupils will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of how computers can be used for learning and creativity. It is our aim that children are fully engaged in computing lessons and make progress as they move through their primary school education.

We aim to:

  • Build children’s confidence in their use of computing equipment.
  • Encourage pupils to become independent and responsible users of technology, recognising opportunities and risks and using strategies to stay safe.
  • Enable children to use and apply their computing knowledge, skills and understanding confidently in their learning and in everyday contexts, transferring these skills across other curriculum areas.
  • Provide pupils with the skills they need and an awareness of how computers can help them.
  • Enable children to recognise that computing affects the way in which people live and work safely.
  • Develop the understanding of how to use computing safely and responsibly.

On this page, you will find the Computing policy; a breakdown of the Whole School Plan; as well as a few examples of the fantastic computing lessons across the school.

If you have any questions about Computing, please ask your class teacher or see Mrs Akyurek (the computing coordinator).


Intent, Implementation & Impact


Northcote Computing Long-term plan:

Long Term Planning Overview Computing

We have been using our PowerPoint skills to create an online news report.

Year 6 have completed their ‘Analysing Data’ unit. They analysed stocks and shares of companies over a 4-week period and presented their findings on PowerPoint (which they presented to the class).

Year 5 have been developing a program using Kodu.

Keeping Safe Online 

Childnet Parent-Factsheet.pdf
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snapchat guide for parents.pdf