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Our approach to Mathematics

Mathematics is delivered as part of our Core Curriculum. 

Mathematics helps children to make sense of the world around them through developing their ability to calculate, to reason and to solve problems. It enables children to understand and appreciate relationships and pattern in both number and space in their everyday lives.

Here at Northcote Primary School, we believe that all children can succeed in maths and aim for all of our children to be confident mathematicians. With this aim in mind, our curriculum prioritises having a secure understanding of mathematical concepts and processes, combined with a genuine procedural fluency. When children have mastered a mathematical concept they will then deepen their understanding, for example by applying it to solve problems embedded in mathematical investigations or more complex contexts. Any children who do not master an objective with the rest of the class will be supported to enable them to gain more experience and achieve mastery, for example through same-day intervention.

How we plan and teach our Mathematics curriculum

As a school we use the  ‘Abacus’ scheme of Learning from Year 1 to 6 to ensure that we have a cohesive and carefully sequenced mathematics curriculum. In EYFS children’s learning is supported through the use of White Rose Maths. In addition to daily mathematics lessons, we ensure that there are purposeful cross curricular links throughout our wider curriculum.

To ensure that children become secure in the 4 operations, the children begin the day with a ‘5-a-day’ challenge between 8:45 and 9:00am. As school, we also use ‘Assertive Mentoring’ once a week. Through weekly these weekly sessions, children cover key concepts all strands of the mathematics curriculum and are able to practise and master key skills. These weekly sessions also provide teachers with valuable information to build a wider assessment picture for each child.

Our classrooms are well resourced with physical maths aides and resources (eg. Numicon, place value grids) and working walls are updated regularly to support learning and encourage independence. 

We are currently taking part in a 3 year ‘Maths Mastery’ course through our Local Maths hub to develop our approach to delivering a mastery curriculum. Our school works in collaboration with 6 other local schools; here the subject leaders meet and discuss aspects of the maths curriculum, sharing good practice and ideas for purposeful teaching and learning.

The achievement of our children in Mathematics

End of EYFS, KS1 and KS2 published data shows that our pupils learn well in maths. By the end of the children’s ‘Northcote learning journey’, in year 6, our published data shows that children achieve significantly above national standards with an excellent rate of progress.  We are confident that we prepare our children for the next stage of their education.  Subject and school leaders monitor the impact of our curriculum provision through completing regular monitoring, that includes listening to the voice of our children.


Key Documents

Below are our calculation policy and strategies and methods guidance for each key stage. This ensures that there is consistency and clear progression in the way the 4 operations are taught across the school.

Abacus Calculation Policy Abacus

Abacus KS1 strategies and Methods

Abacus KS2 strategies and Methods

Below are the yearly overviews, these show the different topics covered by all year groups in maths. Please note, as White Rose Maths release their yearly plans by term, only Autumn Term is currently available.

The yearly overviews are subject to change throughout the year and will be informed by how well the children are mastering each topic.


Reception Autumn Term

Year 1 Overview

Year 2 Overview

Year 3 Overview

Year 4 Overview

Year 5 Overview

Year 6 Overview

Maths at home


Maths is Everywhere

Topmarks – speed challenge

Practice different aspects of the maths curriculum – try to beat your best time or challenge yourself to a harder task.

Great maths games.
Interactive maths games that will allow you to practice and improve your maths skills.

Multiplication tables – It is so important for our children to learn their multiplication tables.  Please encourage and support your children with learning their multiplication tables.  Here are our expectations for children for the next school year:

Year group

Multiplication tables they should know

Year 1 10, 2
Year 2 2, 5, 10, 3
Year 3 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 6
Year 4 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12
Year 5 All multiplication tables and related division facts
Year 6 All multiplication tables and related division facts

Year 4 Multiplication Check 2024

This year our year 4 children will be completing their multiplication tables check.  We will administer the multiplication tables check within a 2-week period from Monday 3 June 2024. Your child’s teacher will ensure that the children are well prepared for the check.  Please encourage them to work hard and practise their tables at home. Below is some information about the check.  If you would like any other information please speak to Mrs Hearnshaw or your child’s teacher.  



Our budding mathematicians in the EYFS














Designing our own TV guide, using 24 hour time














Exploring number, shape and pattern in EYFS