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NSPCC stranger danger Fortnite

Note to parents: Please check the age ratings/settings for computer games.

Fortnite chat raises stranger danger fears from NSPCC

Some games such as Fortnite have voice and text chat systems in the game and are leaving children open to being contacted by strangers.

The warning comes after research by the charity suggested 25% of children had been contacted online by strangers.

It advised parents to turn off the voice chat system in the game to ensure children avoided inappropriate contact.

The NSPCC said parents should:

  • let children know they could talk to them if upset or worried by anything they had seen online
  • familiarise themselves with what their children did online and understand why they liked particular apps or games
  • agree family rules on how to use apps, sites and games
  • use privacy settings and parental controls to keep children safe

Northcote eCadets

Welcome to Northcote Primary School’s eCadets webpage. ECadets is a pupil led programme that teaches children how to stay safe online. Our eCadets get their own eCadet Zone, which is filled with information and resources. They are set termly challenges through which they learn new online skills and share their knowledge across the school community.

This page will keep you up to date with all the of the challenges that our e-cadet team will be doing.

Meet our ecadets

Information for parents

parents leaflet online safety.pdf
If you need any help or advice please contact Mrs Morris (Pastoral Officer) or Mrs Kinsella (Reception Teacher).

Safer Internet Week 2017



Social Media How to guides

Social Media information
Reddit parent guide
Vine Parent guide
Tumblr Parent Guide

Games Console Safety

Games Console safety features

On the PlayStation 3 ® guardians can set security levels to restrict access to games depending on age ratings. DVD and Blu-ray movies can also be blocked completely.

To set security levels:

1. To set game level, from the Main menu scroll across using the to settings and then down to Security Settings. Press  to select.
2. Scroll down to Parental Controls and press .
3. Enter your PIN Number then press  (the default PIN Number if you have not previously changed is 0000).
4. Select required Security Level by scrolling from Off to Levels 1-11. Press  to confirm.
5. The following settings provide a guide corresponding with PEGI ratings:
2- PEGI 3+ 3 – PEGI 7+ 5- 5- PEGI 12+ 7 – PEGI 16+ 9- PEGI 18+
6. The PIN can be changed from the Security Settings menu.

The XBOX 306® allows you to restrict access to games depending on a game’s age classification. You can also add a timer, restricting just how long each day or weeks your children can play.

1. From the Main menu scroll across to the System Tab on the right using
2. Scroll down to the second option on this tab. Family Settings and press the A button to select.
3. Scroll on Console Controls and press A.
4. Enter you 4 digit pass code (if you haven’t previously set a pass code you will need to set one on the Control Consoles menu by selecting Set Pass Code).
5. Scroll to Games Ratings and press A
6. Now scroll to the age rating you wish to apply and press A. Users will be able to play games up to but not over this rating.

To limit games played by time:

1. Scroll to Family Timer, and on the Console Controls menu press A.
2. Scroll up and down to choose daily or weekly limits and press A.
3. Then scroll to the time bar  45 minutes and to set usage time in minutes.
4. Scroll down to Continue and press A. Exit and save the settings by scrolling down to Done and press A. When you are asked if you wish to save the settings, scroll to Yes, save changes and press A

PEGI Codes for Games & Films

PEGI Codes are the codes that are used on games and DVD’s. They are there to give you as much information about the suitability of a game for your child. The age limits are not about how easy the game is but about what your child is being exposed to.


The Aim of this page is to put all information on how to keep yourself and your family safe whilst on the internet. There are so many ways in which people can now access the internet, not just via a conventional computer:

Play Station
Nintendo DS, to name but a few.

Parents need to be aware of what their children are doing when on line to protect them from others and to ensure they are not putting themselves in danger by giving out too much information.

Age restrictions

Age restrictions.pdf

On-line safety advice

eSafety- A perspective for parents and teachers.pdf

How to stay safe online

How to stay safe.pdf

75% of 10 – 12 year olds have illegal social media accounts – read more

Parenting in the Digital Age – Advice for parents on all aspects of the internet.

Follow these simple ideas for ways to keep your family safe on line

Digital Parenting Magazine

A joint venture between, Virgin Media, BT, Talk Talk and Sky giving advice for parents on who to keep their children safe on line at home.

The South West Grid for Learning has lots of helpful advice for parents and teachers

‘Now knowing is not enough’ for parents from ee.
Know IT All for Parents from Childnet International
UK Safer Internet Centre
Get Safe Online
Family Online Safety Institute
Internet Watch Foundation
Video Game information
Is this game the right age for my child – This site will help you find out about age classifications on Computer Games

Look for this logo when using wifi out and about.

Look for this logo when using wifi out and about. 1

NSPCC – How to stay safe online