Reporting Absence

Please contact the school as soon as possible if your child is ill.  Call the school number on 0151 284 1919, lines are open from 8.00 am, but a message can be left prior to this on our answer machine giving details of your child’s name, class and reason for absence.  All absences must be reported by 9.30 am on the first day of absence and every day thereafter.

Any infectious diseases must be reported to school immediately. 

Please see the link below for Public Health England’s Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and Childcare Settings.

Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and Childcare Settings

Below is a document we use from the Department of Public Health for guidance on when and how long to keep your child off school.  This includes a lot of the more common childhood illness’ and please note that we will adhere to the advice in this document on the recommended period of absence from school and nursery.

Should I keep my child off school?

NHS Guidance – ‘Is My Child to Ill for School?‘ 

Illness at School

If your child becomes unwell during school we will telephone the parents and carers using the contact numbers you have provided.  Arrangements will then be made for a parent or responsible adult to collect the child.  It is important that the emergency contact form is filled in for each child to assist in the event of the parents being unavailable.  Parents will be asked to update this information annually and it is essential that the school is kept up to date with any changes of circumstances or contact details.

Administration of Medicine

If your child is well enough to be in school but have been prescribed medicine, we can administer medicine following the LEA guidelines.  You need to visit the school office and sign and complete forms before we can administer medicine to your child.  If the medicine is ongoing (eg. asthma inhalers, tablets etc.) it is your responsibility to make sure the medicine is available and in date.  

Head Lice

Head lice  is very common particularly in school settings.  Parents are advised to check their children’s heads regularly for signs of head lice and treatments are available from supermarkets and pharmacies.

For more information about head lice please visit the NHS website.