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Music Newsletter

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Music Policy

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Northcote Curriculum Yearly Overview

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Our musicians performing at a celebration assembly.

Thank you to all our musicians and singers for a performance enjoyed by parents and pupils.

Take a listen to our wonderful choir and their two part harmonies.

Here are Year 5 enjoying playing samba in the sunshine.

The samba players are warming-up.

Nursery children exploring the wonders of the guitar.

EYFS can choose to create their own sounds during outdoor provision.

Young Voices


On Thursday 3rd March the Northcote School Choir joined over 8,000 other children from all over the North West of England to sing in the Young Voices Concert in Manchester Arena. What a fantastic day.

Take a look at our wonderful choir at the M.E.N. Arena. Wow! What a terrific sound was made by more than 7000 children.