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If you are still having problems, please contact your child’s class teacher and we will investigate further.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support. 


Guidance to parents September 2020


Return to school letter July 2020.docx


Welcome To Class 5

Welcome back | First Steps Nursery


Hello everybody and welcome to Class 5!

My name is Miss Turner and I am your teacher this year in Year 2 Class 5. Mrs Birch will also be working with us.

Please find attached our ‘Welcome to Class 5’ letter.

Class 5 Welcome Letter


Important Information

PE is on Thursdays.  Please ensure your child’s PE kit has their name in it and that it is in school as soon as possible.  PE kits will be sent home at the end of each half term.

All children will require a water bottle.  Please ensure this contains water only.  Children will be able to refill their bottles in class.

Our start time is 8:45am and our finish time is 3:15pm.

In order to keep everyone safe, please stand behind the marked area at drop off and pick up times.  This will ensure all children have space to enter and exit the class safely and apply hand gel. Remember to wear a face covering if you are able to.




Class 5 Home Learning



Follow this link to find out how to get a specially designed library card to use in Liverpool libraries that have reopened as well as some digital reading material!


Bug Club

All children have now been allocated a login for Bug Club.  Bug Club gives your child access to at home reading books at their specific reading level.  Children can access the reading books online and progress through the reading levels with your support at home. Please ensure that your child is reading at least four times a week. More information can be found in the letter below. If you have any questions about Bug Club or need your child’s login information, please email me at a.turner@northcote.liverpool.sch.uk 

Your child can login to to Bug Club here: www.activelearnprimary.co.uk

Bug Club Parent Letter



This week, we will be looking at instructions:

How to order a set of instructions

How to write a set of instructions


TASK 1:4 Ways to Make a Jam Sandwich - wikiHow

Make a jam sandwich!

What ingredients will you need?

What utensils do you need?

Write a set of instructions explaining what you did.

Can you use bossy verbs in your instructions? e.g. get, add, spread, put, cut, etc.

Can you use time connectives for your instructions? e.g. firstly, then, next, after that, finally, etc.




Make a pirate hat!Make Your Own Pirate Hat with the Nesquik Imagination ...

What resources will you need? e.g. card, paper, scissors, colouring pencils, stapler, glue, etc.

Write a set of instructions explaining how to make it.

Which bossy verbs would you use? (cut, draw, glue, staple …)

Which time connectives did you use? (firstly, next, then, after that, finally)   



Watch the video of ‘How To Draw A Bird’


Have a go at drawing your own bird.

Can you write a set of instructions for someone else, explaining how to draw a bird with step-by-step instructions? 


Do you need help? Here are some resources to help with sounding out words and recognising capital letters:

Phase 2 Sound Mat

Phase 3 Sound Mat

Upper and Lower Case Letters



Play alien escape: https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/alien-escape?phase=4


Play odd and bob: https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/odd-and-bob?phase=4


Play sentence substitution: https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/sentence-substitution?phase=4


Play word pairs: https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/word-pairs?phase=4



Please practise the spellings provided each week. A spelling test will be completed each Friday in class.

Please find a list of spellings for each week of Autumn 1: spellings autumn 1



Your child can also access interactive maths games on Active Learn. The games are relevant to what we’ve been learning in school. There are three levels to each game: bronze, silver and gold. Please do all three, starting with bronze.


  • Go to: http://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk
  • Log in using your child’s Bug Club login details
  • When you’re on Bug Club, click on ‘My Stuff’.
  • If you click on ‘Abacus’ you will see the maths games which have been allocated for your child to play.
  • Enjoy!


This week we will be learning about 2D shapes and their properties.

Task 1: Can you name all of the shapes below?

 Can you describe them?

            How many sides does each shape have?

            How many corners/vertices?


2D Shapes Mat


Task 2: Can you sort shapes according to their properties?


         Curved sides/straight sides                                  4 or more sides/curved sides

Themes Chart & Venn Diagrams | Literature Discovery

Themes Chart & Venn Diagrams | Literature Discovery








Task 3: We have also been doubling and halving numbers. Can you complete the sums below as quickly as possible!

                      3+3=                                      Challenge: 12+12=

                      5+5=                                                       14+14=

                      2+2=                                                       23+23=

                      6+6=                                                       34+34=

                      9+9=                                                       41+41=

                      7+7=                                                       22+22=

                      8+8=                                                       31+31=

                      10+10=                                                    43+43=


Please also practise forming numbers correctly and counting in 10s, 2s and 5s with your child. Each child has a TT Rockstar login to help with their times tables. If you need this login to be sent out again, please email me on a.turner@northcote.liverpool.sch.uk


We are looking at materials in our Science lessons.


TASK 1: Think of as many different materials as you can e.g. wood, metal, brick, plastic, glass, fabric, leather, etc.

Can you write a list of your own silly materials?

E.g. brick jumper,

plastic skirt,

glass car,

fabric house,

leather television, etc.


TASK 2: Make your silly materials into a poem!


A Material Poem by ___________________

Could I have

a _________________

a _________________

a _________________

and a _________________ please?

Er-sorry – I mean

a ________________________

a ________________________

a ________________________

and a _______________________ please?

Er – sorry – I – mean

Oh – blow it!

You know what I mean don’t you?