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Welcome to Class 9!

Our teacher is Miss Toby and our Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Newall. We are looking forward to a very exciting year in Year 4, with lots of things to fit in!




Each day, I will be creating and posting quiz questions about different topics which we have covered in year 4. This is just for a bit of fun! I will post the answers for the quiz later on in the day. Enjoy! 



Friday 3rd April – MATHS

1) Write the missing numbers in this sequence.

                        25      50      75      _______      125       _______

2) Round 3527 to the nearest 100.

3) What number is 5 less than 2?

4) What is the value of the 2 in the number 2,547?  

5) Calculate 6,648 – 3,735.

6) A school has 275 tickets available for their School Play. They sell 95 tickets to pupils and a further 137 tickets to parents. How many tickets are left?

7) Calculate 352 x 4.

8) 749 divided by 5 =

9) Complete this sequence of numbers.

                      2.03       2.02       2.01     _______, _______

10) What is the Roman Numeral answer to 7 + 1?






Thursday 2nd April – HISTORY: THE ROMANS


1) How many times did the Romans try to invade Britain?

2) In which year did the Romans successfully invade Britain?

3) Who was the first Roman emperor?

4) What was a Roman soldier called?

5) What colours were a Roman soldier’s shield?

6) Name 2 of the Roman army fighting techniques.

7) Who was the king of the Roman gods?

8) Who was the Roman goddess of love?

9) What is the name of the building in Rome where many gladiator fights took place?

10) What is the name of the famous Roman wall built near the border of England and Scotland?

11) In Roman numerals, what number is X?

12) Can you think of 2 things that the Romans invented?









1) What do molars do?

2) What do canines do?

3) What do incisors do?

4) What causes tooth decay?

5) Name 2 ways you can prevent tooth decay.

6) What is an oesophagus?

7) What is the role of the stomach in the digestive process?

8) What is the scientific word for ‘poo’?

9) What is a consumer? Give an example.

10) What is a producer? Give an example.

11) Define ‘predator’. Give an example.

12) Define ‘prey’. Give an example.





Home Learning Resources

If your child is absent from school, please find below a variety of resources to support home learning across the curriculum. Some of these may need printing but there are other resources which can be completed on paper.

We would also recommend children continue to read and practise their times tables daily. All children should have their TT Rockstars login. Other good websites and games include:




General Resources:

Y4 Learning Pack

Year 4 Home Learning Pack

Year 4 – Interactive Learning Links

Spring challenge 2020 Liverpool

Useful websites for home learning


Maths Resources:

Times Tables Games

Times Tables Homework Grid

Number and Place Value Pack

Roman Numeral Activities

Multiplication and Division Activities

Addition and Subtraction Activities

Shape Activities

Measurement Activities

Fractions Activities

Spring Maths Booklet

Maths Revision Booklet

Maths – The Spoiled Party Bags – Problem Solving Task

Maths – The Mystery at the Swimming Baths – Problem Solving Task

Maths – The Mystery of the Easter Bunny Costume – Problem Solving Task

Maths – The Mystery of the Melted Ice Creams – Problem Solving Task

Maths – The Mystery at the Perfect Pancake Competition – Problem Solving Task

Maths – The Mystery of the Missing Football Cup – Problem Solving Task

Maths – The Mystery at Eagleton Castle – Problem Solving Task

Maths – The Mystery at the Springfall Town Carnival – Problem Solving Task

Maths – The Mystery of the Cloakroom Chaos – Problem Solving Task

Maths – The Missing Glue Sticks – Problem Solving Task

Maths – The Monkey Mystery at Animal Antics Zoo – Problem Solving Task



G.P.S Spring 2 Activities

Spelling Activities

Fronted Adverbials



Year 4 G.P.S. Practice Tests

Correct the spelling mistakes

Up-levelling Sentences

Homophone activities

Possessive apostrophes homework

Main and subordinate clauses

Expanded Noun Phrases

Punctuation – Correct the sentence

Where, wear, were, we’re

Inverted Commas

Noun or verb

G.P.S. – The Mystery of the Stolen Shamrocks – Problem Solving Task

G.P.S. – The Dilemma of the Dampened Diyas – Problem Solving Task

G.P.S. – The Missing Stone Age Jewellery – Problem Solving Task

G.P.S. – The Riddle of the Swapped Signs – Problem Solving Task

G.P.S. – The Missing Mother’s Day Flowers – Problem Solving Task

G.P.S. – The Crushed Chocolate Eggs – Problem Solving Task

G.P.S. – The Stolen Space Food – Problem Solving Task

G.P.S. – The Missing Emojis – Problem Solving Task



Read and respond pack

Comprehension pack

Armed Forces Day Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Carnival Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

FA Cup Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Fossils Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Garden Birds Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Hindu Gods Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Pet Care of a Bearded Dragon Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Pet Care of a Cat Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Pet Care of a Dog Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Reading Comprehension Challenge Cards



Year 4 Writing Mat

Task 1 Advertise Your Town

Task 2 The Ascent

Task 3 Film Review

Task 4 Letter to Your MP

Task 5 Continue the Story

Task 6 The Titanic

Task 7 The Supermarket

Task 8 Classroom Conundrum

Task 9 Ancient Myths

Task 10 A First Visit



Living things and their habitats

Explains different animal classes from www.kidzone.ws

Clip about classification of living things from www.bbc.co.uk

Minibeast id from www.woodlandtrust.org.uk

Leaf identification PDF from www.woodlandtrust.org.uk

Software programme that creates branching data from www.flexible.co.uk

New species of jellyfish from http://news.nationalgeographic.com

New species of mantis from www.eurekalert.org

New species of frog from www.theguardian.com

Levon Biss website from http://microsculpture.net/

Classification game from www.bbc.co.uk

Classification game from http://sciencenetlinks.com



Rainforest Homework Grid

Rainforest Animals

Tribes of the Rainforest Comprehension

Rainforest Calling Comprehension

Rainforest Colouring

Design your own Rainforest Animal

Rainforest Wordsearch

Endangered Animals Research

10 foods and products that come from the Amazonian Rainforest from wwf.org.uk

Foods from the rainforest and recipes from folklife.si.edu

What eats what in the rainforest from addiesrainforest.weebly.com

Rainforest video – YouTube clip

Ray Mears in the rainforest -YouTube clip

Howler monkey calls -YouTube clip

Forest floor detailed information from stri.si.edu

Forest floor information from mongabay.com

Information on each rainforest layer from caltech.edu

The forest floor and understory layer -YouTube clip

Characteristics of rainforests -YouTube clip

The emergent layers of the rainforest from mrsgebauer.com

Facts about the emergent layer of thee rainforest from tropical-rainforest-facts.com

Facts about the canopy layer of the rainforest from tropical-rainforest-facts.com

How to make a play-dough frog -YouTube clip

What eats what in the rainforest from weebly.com

Sloths in the rainforest from smithsonianchannel.com

Threats to the Rainforest from business and farming from bbc.co.uk

Rainforest Song from teachertube.com

An video detailing some endangered animals -YouTube clip

Animal endangerment in the Amazon Rainforest -YouTube clip

Child-friendly video explaining issues surrounding endangered animals– YouTube clip

Top 100 endangered animals -YouTube clip

What you can do to save the rainforest -YouTube clip

The causes of climate change -YouTube clip

What you can do about climate change -YouTube clip

Global warming information from buzzle.com

Video on looking after the planet -YouTube clip

Wordless video on saving the environment. -YouTube clip

Change the world in 5 minutes -YouTube clip


Music Links:

https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/bring-the-noise – new set of resources from the BBC launched last year
https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/ten-pieces – a more established programme of interactive classical resources from the BBC
https://www.classicsforkids.com/ A set of resources about classical composers
https://www.mydso.com/dso-kids/ – Dallas symphony orchestra’s site just for children


Art resources:

Warm-up Sketching Activities

Shading Circles Activity Sheet

Shading Objects Activity Sheet

Shading the Hand

Drawing with Charcoal Activity Sheets

Drawing Texture Activity Sheet

Drawing Techniques PowerPoint

Drawing Perspective Activity Sheet

Drawing Figures Activity Sheet

Artist Challenge

Art Homework Grid


RE resources:

Comic Strip

Easter Story Reading (different ability levels)

Palm Sunday Writing


Computing resources:


https://hourofcode.com/uk/learn     (Grades 2-5)

https://www.tynker.com/hour-of-code/     (Grades 3-5)





https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCph2JY4JMy4kPvFcz44KHcg     – Just Dance UK videos




30-day Lego Challenge

Spring Mindfulness Colouring

Easter Egg Mindfulness Colouring

Easter Egg Funny Faces

Easter Crossword

Aztec Printing

Recycle Poster


Useful guides/resources for parents/carers:

Weekly Timetable

GPS vocab for parents

Help your child with reading

Maths help poster

Reading with your child

Spelling strategies

Times table strategies

Top tips reading for parents



I hope that you find these resources/activities useful. Please let me know if there are any additional resources you require or anything you believe would benefit your child during their absence.

Thank you and take care,

Miss Toby.


Important information for parents and carers


Homework projects are set throughout the year. Children are expected to learn their spellings weekly, they will be tested each Friday. Additionally, children are encouraged to use their account on TT Rock Stars to master their times tables.

Here is an overview of the year 4 curriculum that we will be following this year – extra information is available via the curriculum pages.

Year 4 curriculum coverage


Home Reading

Please note, all children are expected to read at least four times a week and have their home reading records signed by an adult every time they read. Reading records are checked daily to monitor progress.


Some of class 9’s fantastic representatives this year are…


Writing Champion


Reading Champion

It is my responsibility to…

  • Read a selection of fiction and non-fiction books at home and in school.
  • Share recommendations of books with my teachers and peers.
  • Attend and contribute to regular ‘Reading Champion’ meetings.
  • Help to plan and host reading events.


Maths Champion


Computing Champion


Spanish Ambassador


Science Ambassador



I will…

  • Turn off the lights when we’re not using them.
  • Switch off the computers in the ICT suite after our lesson.
  • Remind my teacher to turn off IWB when they’re not using it.
  • Switch the taps off in our classroom.
  • Close the door when we leave the room.
  • Talk to the class about what we are doing in Eco-Club.





Our PE lessons are on a Wednesday and Thursday. 

Children must have their PE kits in school at all times. If children do not have the appropriate kit, they are unable to participate fully in the lesson and therefore extra-curricular clubs will not be accessible to children who do not participate in lessons. We appreciate sometimes there are difficulties for children to have full PE kits and we do have spare kits to lend to the children in such circumstances.



If parents or carers ever want to discuss anything regarding their child’s happiness and/or progress, myself and Mrs Newall will always be happy to help ensure your child gets the best attention they deserve. We also check diaries daily, so you can address any concerns you may have in this way, if you do not get chance to catch us!

Thank you for all your support, we look forward to a great year, one which we have no doubt will fly by!

Miss Toby and Mrs Newall



Below is a document of the Y4 Northcote Curriculum, showing which topics your child will be covering throughout each term this year.