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Welcome back to the Summer term!

I hope you had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sunshine as much as I did! We’re back now with home learning activities on here for each subject. I hope you enjoy completing them! I’m still missing you all very much but staying safe is the main thing. 

Don’t forget to send pictures either via our school Twitter @Northcotesch or directly to my school email address to show me what you have been up to: i.burbridge@northcote.liverpool.sch.uk.

Please open any of the documents below to catch up any activities you may have missed. 

Summer 1 Week 1

Summer 1 Week 2

Summer 1 Week 3

Summer 1 Week 4

Summer 1 Week 5

  Summer 2 Week 1

Summer 2 Week 2

Summer 2 Week 3

Summer 2 week 4

Celebration of work

A wonderful story wirtten then edited by Chloe in the Northcote Hub – well done Chloe! 

Well done to Alice – wonderful work completed last week! 

Well done Lacey – more wonderful work from last week. Very impressive! 


 Y2 home learning for week commencing 29th June 2020

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize Don’t forget to check out BBC Bitesize every day for new lessons in all curriculum areas. 

Task: Northcote ‘Sports Month’ Fitness Challenge
Well done to everyone who has been taking part in  Sports Month  let’s keep it going and we’re going to focus on Healthy Eating as well. See the D&T activity further down the page. 
During this time of the year, we should have been completing in our ‘Sports Day’. Rather than cancelling, we have decided to change our plans this year. Instead of a ‘Sports Day’ we are organising a ‘Sports Month’. 
For the next 4 weeks, we will be setting daily fitness challenges for you and your family to complete –  this will help us achieve the recommended 30 minutes of exercise each day! 
Each day you need to check the school’s Twitter account to see what the daily fitness challenge is. 
We want to see as many photos of you and your family completing all the fitness challenges as well as images of fitness record cards. (Remember when posting a photo on Twitter do not include your name).
If you are able to complete all of the week’s challenges you will receive a certificate. 
To be able to receive the certificate, you need to email an image of the fitness record card completed weekly to your class teacher. 
Sports Month Plan – Childrens record chart
Good luck and let’s get fit! 


Northcote Cooks

As a whole school, we are going to be looking at healthy eating this week! As we are focusing on getting fit and healthy, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some healthy recipes with everyone! We will be posting some ideas for healthy snacks which you could make after your daily workouts! 

Check our twitter page everyday to see what tasty dishes the teachers have been cooking! Everyday we will be posting recipe ideas that you can try with your family. 

You can join in by creating one of the recipes we post, or sending your own ideas in! Whatever your family makes this week, send your teacher some photographs or tweet them with the hashtag #northcotecooks

Firstly think about:
  • What meakes a meal healthy?
  • What makes a meal unhealthy? 
  • What should we do to make sure we are preparing food in a hygenic and safe way?
There’s some great recipes you could follow on these websites:


There’s a great list if healthy food itmes on here that you could use in your meals/snacks:




Task 1: The libraries may be closed but we can still take part in the Summer Reading Challenge!  Join the ‘Silly Squad’ and join the challenge now! 


Task 2: 

Reading and questioning: Make sure you keep reading daily on your Reading Eggs! Your class teachers all now have logins, so can keep up to date with your progress! 


Task 3: 

Read the text Animal Recipes & complete the tasks that follow:

Animal Recipes

  • Which of the recipes would you most like to eat?
  • Why is that your favourite?

Vocabulary challenge 1: Find and write down all the ‘bossy verbs’  in the recipes in the text. They’re written in the documument below: 


For example – Slice the carrots thinly. The bossy verb is ‘slice’ because it’s telling you what to do (being bossy!) 

Vocabulary challenge 2: Put the bossy verbs into sentences of your own. 


Task 4: Read this poem and complete the activities that follow: 


Out of a Cloud

I have never seen one,

Desmond saw one though,

He said it hummed like hives of bees,

He said it glowed a glow,

He said it swooped out of a cloud

and lit the fields below,

He said it took his heart away,

Desmond’s UFO.


Of course no one believed him,

But wandering here and there,

Desmond scanned the sky each night,

With his hopeful stare,

Examining the Milky Way,

Venus, the Plough, the Bear,

Searching, wishing, longing,

Desmond head-in-air.


And then one day he vanished.

How? We’ll never know.

We found no clue or trace of him,

Hunting high and low,

Except, spiked on a barbed-wire fence,

A note saying: ‘Told you so,’

And all around the grass pressed down…

Where did Desmond go?

By Richard Edwards

From Aliens Stole My Underpants edited by Brian Moses


  • How many verses does the poem have?
  • Which is your favourite? Can you say why?

 Rhymes and rhyming

Re-read the first verse of Out of a Cloud.

  • Find and highlight the four words in the verse that rhyme.
  • Now do the same with the second and third verses.
  • Next to each verse, write other words that would also rhyme with that verse’s set. Do six more words maximum. 




Task 1: Spelling task – ‘r’ sound spelt as ‘wr’ 

Spelling Workouts, Y2 ‘r’ sound spelt ‘wr’

Task 2: 

SPaG challenge with a focus on questions. Remember a question must always end with a question mark – ? 

Use this information poster to help you answer the sentence type question – Sentence types

Y2 SPaG Challenge Mat – Questions

Task 3: Write a recipe. 


Make sure you’ve read ‘Animal Recipes’ in the Reading section of the class page so that you know how a recipe should be written. 

Write down the recipe for one of the healthy meals/snacks you made for this week’s DT task. 


Task 4:   Write sentences about what food and drink you think an animal of your own choice would like.

 What to do:

  1. Choose a new animal that is not in Animal Recipes. Maybe choose one from Animal Suggestions   –   Animal Suggestions

       2. Think about some meals, dishes or foods you think that animal might really enjoy. (You don’t have to be realistic with the food!)

In the wild a lion might eat a deer or a gazelle but you could say he’d like to eat a roast dinner, ice cream and strawberries.


  1. Explain why you think your creature would like those foods.

Use the word because to introduce your reasons.

I think a lion would love to eat a huge roast dinner with lots or roast potatoes and parsnips because they need a lot of energy for all their hunting and running around.

      4. Add some drawings showing your animal and its food.


Do the same thing for a different animal and different foods.


Task 1: Times tables & mental maths practise: Make sure you keep up your times table recall by logging in daily to your TT Rockstars https://ttrockstars.com/    as well as the mental maths challenges on the Topmarks website: 



Task 2: 5-a-day – you’ve been doing brilliantly with the 5-a-day challenges – well done! Let’s keep it up this half term!  

As usual – the green are a bit easier than the blacks & answers will be given the following day.

11 more than 5 =       From 9 take 3 =

 110 more than 50=      From 39 take 3 =

Multiply the following by 4:

a)12   b) 21  c)  23   d) 31

Divide the following by 3:

a)12   b) 30  c) 66  d) 300

How many sides has a pentagon?

Yesterday’s answers:

8 more than 5 =    13    From 9 take 4 =  5

80 more than 50130  From 39 take 4 =  35

Multiply the following by 4:

a)10 40  b) 2  8  c)  5 20 d) 3  12

Divide the following by 4:

a)8 2  b) 44 11 c) 12  48  d) 16  64

      How many sides has a hexagon?  6



This week’s focus:  2D & 3D shapes

Last week we recalled Right angles and and named angles. This week we continue with aspects of Geometry. We are recalling all aspects of shape.

Complete the activities on each slide: 

Please note the answers appear on the next slide after each activity!

Summer 2_3D shapes

Facts to help you: 

Vertices are corners. 

line of symmetry is the imaginary line where you could fold the image and have both halves match exactly



Science – Minibeasts

Spider safari!

Geography – Oceans & Marine life          

 ‘Our Oceans in Crisis’ Lesson 3
Task 1: 
Read through and look at the images in the document. We are introduced to ‘Ocean Heroes’ and what they have done to improve the quality of the Oceans for humans and sea life.
Task 2:
How have human activities harmed the oceans?
How can we make Oceans safe?
Create an ‘Ocean Hero’- identify how your hero could change oceans and make them safer for Sea Creatures and Humans or choose one of the ocean heroes from the information and create profile of them.




Revisit some Spanish words for ‘Where do you live’  ¿Dónde vives?


Story:  Many statues around the world have been questioned for their purpose and value in recent weeks. Watch and read about the story here: 


Question: Why do we have statues?

Virtual Assembly: Now live on the Picture News Vimeo channel! See it here:  https://www.picture-news.co.uk/discuss/2020-06-26/


The statue of footballer Lily Parr – https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/48224610


Task 1: Choose one of the statues from resource 1, find another picture of one or use a statue found in your local area! Describe your statue. Think about:

  •  What the statue is made from? Metal, stone?
  • Can you describe the material? Cold, hard?
  • Is the statue a person, an animal or something else? What are they doing?
  • How would you describe their eyes?  Staring, unblinking, happy, sad, lonely?
  • When you look at the statue, how does  it make you feel?
    Record your ideas. If you can, use them to write a sentence or paragraph to describe your statue. Task 2: Have you heard of a living statue? Explain that these are people who pose as statues. They often wear statue-like make-up and can stand very still!
  • Can you pretend to be a statue?
  • What will you wear?
  • What position will you stand in?
  • How long can you remain still for?
  • Can you time it?Explore different statue poses. You could photograph your poses or record them by drawing them afterwards.

Religious Education


This weeks activity ls linked to ‘Belonging. How people belong to different communities; what it means to belong to a faith community, & how this sense of belonging is valued & expressed in a variety of ways?

Belonging KS1



Follow these instructions to compose your own piece of music.

Compose a piece of music