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Guidance to parents September 2020


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Welcome to Class 3



Hello everybody, my name is Mrs Pitfield and I am your teacher in Year 1 Class 3. Mrs Clarke and Mrs Davies will also be working with us.

Welcome to Y1

Important Information

  • Our school day starts at 8:50am and finishes at 3:20pm. 


  • Class 3 will have PE on Tuesdays.  Please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school as soon as possible.  PE kits will be sent home at the end of each half term.


  • In order to keep everyone safe, please stand behind the marked area at drop off and pick up times.  This will ensure all children have space to enter and exit the class safely and apply hand gel. Please wear a face covering if you are able to.


  • All children will require a water bottle.  Please ensure this contains water only.  Children will be able to refill their bottles in class.


Well done to last week’s Bug Club Reading Star!!

Look at all the fun we’ve been having in Year 1! 

We’ve been using our senses in Science to feel for treasure in the sand, smell secret scents, listen to musical instruments and taste blindfolded! We went on a senses walk in the playground to find out all the things we could see, hear, smell and feel outside. We will be looking carefully this week to find animals in camouflage!





Home Learning

Our class page will be updated regularly with home learning tasks for children who are isolating at home.  These will be linked to some of the work we will be doing in class.  Please feel free to send in pictures of your child’s home learning as we would love to see what they are doing.  You can email me at v.pitfield@northcote.liverpool.sch.uk


Class 3 Home Learning Week Beginning 2nd September

Class 3 Home Learning Week Beginning 14th September

Class 3 Home Learning Week Beginning 21st September

Class 3 Home Learning

Week Beginning 28th September


Follow this link to find out how to get a specially designed library card to use in Liverpool libraries that have reopened as well as some digital reading material!


Bug Club

All children have now been allocated a login for Bug Club.  Bug Club gives your child access to at home reading books at their specific reading level.  Children can access the reading books online and progress through the reading levels with your support at home.

Children are expected to read at least 4 books per week. Each week we will be celebrating the child who reads to most books in a week, awarding them Bug Club Star. 


More information can be found in the letter below. If you have any questions about Bug Club or need your child’s login information, please email me at v.pitfield@northcote.liverpool.sch.uk

Your child can login to to Bug Club here: www.activelearnprimary.co.uk

Bug Club Parent Letter


Bug Club Reading Star

The child who had read the most books each week on Bug Club will get a certificate! Please remember that the children must complete the Bug challenges along the way in each book for it to show up in the library. When it is in the library it will tell me that they’ve read a book.

Any problems please email me – v.pitfield@northcote.liverpool.sch.uk 


This week we will continue Poetry with a focus on rhyme. Rhyming words have the same final sounds. For example bat, cat and mat all rhyme.

Sing along to the song below – can rhyme with the words in the song.


Task 1: Write  words that rhyme with the pictures below:





Task 2: Put your words in to sentences. 

For example:

The frog jumped over the log.


Can you remember what a sentence needs? 

A sentence needs:

  • to start with a capital letter
  • finger spaces between words
  • to end with punctuation, like a full stop
  • to make sense when you or someone else reads it


Do you need help? Here are some resources to help with sounding out words and recognising capital letters:

Phase 2 Sound Mat

Phase 3 Sound Mat

Upper and Lower Case Letters




The following games and resources are available to help you with your Phonics:






Remember to use the sounds you know when you are reading and writing.



Spellings for this half term include age-related spellings from the National Curriculum, alongside spellings from the units of work being covered in the Northcote Humanities Curriculum.  We will not be testing the children on spellings this half term but we expect children to start recognising them in their reading and attempting to spell them in their writing.

Please take some time to help your child practise reading and writing the spellings for this half term.



This week we will be learning all about all about numbers to 10 and how to use them in different ways.  Watch the Numberblocks episodes and complete the supporting tasks.

Blast Off!

Practise counting backwards from 10.  Can you count back from 20?  What is happening to the number each time?

How many different ways can you make ten? Use the Part-Whole Model to help you.  Write them down as number sentences.


Blockzilla only likes big things.  Look at the pairs of numbers, draw Blockzilla’s mouth towards the bigger number.


For example: 10 > 4



Numberblocks Express

Can you complete these number sentences to show different ways to make 5?





Our Senses

This terms we will be learning about our senses.  Can you name the five senses?


Task: Draw the outline of a body.  Draw 1 thing that you would use each of your senses for beside the correct body part. 



Here are some fun and practical ideas for learning Science at home.  Don’t forget to take some pictures to show what you have been doing.

Year 1 Home Learning Practical Learning Experiences