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Home Learning During Absence

Michael Thame Reading link:

If your child is absent from school, please find below a variety of resources to support home learning across the curriculum. Some of these suggest printing but most can be completed on paper. (For example, with the art shading activities, instead of printing, you can just copy and draw your own objects to shade.)

Children who have a Reading Plus login can continue to read on there.

All children have their TT Rockstars login.

Other good websites and games include:






Home Learning Packs

Spring challenge 2020 Liverpool




Maths resources:

Maths revision

Working Towards in Maths booklet

Working Towards in Maths ANSWER booklet

Expected Standard in Maths booklet

Expected Standard in Maths ANSWER booklet

Greater Depth in Maths booklet

Greater Depth in Maths ANSWER booklet



Reasoning paper-1

Maths Themed Maths Activity Booklet

Maths ANSWERS Themed Maths Activity Booklet

The Mystery of The Missing Knight St. Georges Day Maths Mystery Game

Times Table Games


Reading resources:

Reading texts from Shared Read

Reading booklet

Reading booklet ANSWERS

Reading Revision Mat Guidance

Reading Revision Mat

Reading Revision Mat 2

Reading Revision Mat Poetry


GPS resources:

GPS revision

GPS booklet


GPS Test 1

GPS Test 2

GPS Test 3

GPS Test 4

GPS Test 5

GPS Test 6


Writing resources:

Alan Peat Sentence Structures

Writing – A First Visit

Writing – Advertise Your Town

Writing – Ancient Myths

Writing – Continue the Story

Writing – Film Review

Writing – Letter to Your MP

Writing – Story The Ascent

Writing – The Supermarket

Writing – The Titanic


Science resources:

Animals including humans activities and ANSWERS

Circulatory System Reading Comprehension and ANSWERS (different ability levels)

Create a fact file about the Circulatory System

Dangers of Alcohol activity and ANSWERS

Dangers of Smoking activity and ANSWERS


Geography resources:

Labelling a River and ANSWERS

Make a Model River Home Practical Task

River Research Template

Rivers Crossword and ANSWERS

Uses of Rivers Activity PAGE 1 only

Uses of Rivers ANSWERS

World Rivers Labelling and ANSWERS


Art resources:

Warm-up Sketching Activities

Shading Circles Activity Sheet

Shading Objects Activity Sheet

Shading the Hand


RE resources:

Comic Strip

Easter Story Reading (different ability levels)

Palm Sunday Writing


Computing resources:


https://hourofcode.com/uk/learn     (Grades 2-5)

https://www.tynker.com/hour-of-code/     (Grades 3-5)



Music resources:







Can you create an 8-step motif for each of the states of matter: solid, liquid and gas?


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCph2JY4JMy4kPvFcz44KHcg     – Just Dance UK videos


I hope that you find these resources/activities useful. Please let me know if there are any additional resources you require or anything you believe would benefit your child during their absence.

Thank you and take care,

Miss Joyce



Welcome to Class 15! Our teacher is Miss Joyce. We are looking forward to a very exciting year in Year 6, with lots of things to fit in! As a Year 6 team, we will look to support and challenge the children throughout the year, ensuring they are prepared for their SATs, well in advance of their exams. As well as our SATs, there are lots of other great things to look forward to, including our residential to Barnstondale!

Important Information for Parents

Home reading – We expect your child to have their diary in and signed at least four

                          times a week.

Homework – Homework is set on a Monday and due in on a Friday.

PE – We have PE on a Tuesday afternoon. (We are currently doing gymnastics on a Wednesday afternoon.)

Games – We have games on a Friday afternoon.

Children are made aware of the importance of having PE kit for both lessons. If children do not have the appropriate kit, they are unable to participate fully in the lesson and therefore extra-curricular clubs will not be accessible to children who do not participate in lessons. We appreciate sometimes there are difficulties for children to have full PE kits and we do have spare kits to lend to the children in such circumstances.

Pleasure see our curriculum pages for more information about what your child will be learning in the different areas of the curriculum this year.

If parents or carers ever want to discuss anything regarding their child’s happiness and/or progress, I will always be happy to help ensure your child gets the best attention they deserve. We also check diaries daily, so you can address any concerns you may have this way, if you don’t get a chance to catch me.

Thank you for all of your support, we look forward to a great year, one which we have no doubt will fly by!

Miss Joyce

Year 6 curriculum coverage