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Attendance Lead    Mrs. C. Graham

Attendance Improvement Plan

Attendance for Spring term 2021 (the three weeks that we were not in a lockdown, 8.3.21-26.3.21):

Y1-Year 6
Y1-Year 6
Y1-Year 6
Monday 98.3% 93.9% 93.8%
Tuesday 98.0% 94.2% 92.6%
Wednesday 98.8% 93.5% 93.8%
Thursday 96.7% 93.5% 94.6%
Friday 95.5% 93.5% 91.5%
Weekly Average 97.5% 93.8% 93.3%


Autumn Term 2020 Attendance Summary

Attendance for Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020 Combined

Four Year Attendance Data Trend

At Northcote Primary School, attendance is always high on our agenda! We want to ensure that all children are in receipt of the fantastic curriculum on offer at Northcote, but for this to be effective children must attend regularly.

As you know, improving attendance is a huge priority at Northcote Primary School. We believe that every child should aim to attend school EVERY DAY.  The National Target of 97% is a guide that we use as the minimum benchmark for attendance.

97%      = 7 days off in a school year

96%      = 8 days off in a school year

90%      = 17 days off in a school year

Half a day per week is equal to 4 weeks off in a school year

1 day per week equals 8 weeks off in a school year.

Whilst we will be offering lots of incentives and support in school for attendance to improve, we need your help!

We cannot teach or effectively safeguard our children if they are not in school!

We have a four-year improving trend with regards to attendance, let’s keep this up as we aim for 97% whole school attendance!

Attendance Documents

Attendance Policy Sep 2020

Guide to Our Attendance Policy 2020-21