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At Northcote Primary, we believe teaching Philosophy for Children helps children to think, communicate and express themselves better. P4C helps to develop higher order thinking skills and helps children learn to co-operate with others.

It promotes a forum for open dialogue in which students exchange and discuss ideas and opinions of their own and others. Pupils are encouraged to ask questions, sift arguments and explore alternative ideas. Above all, we encourage the students to try to understand each other. After the discussion the children and teacher reflect on the quality of the thinking, reasoning and participation. We then suggest how they could improve; either as individuals or as a group (community).

Our aim and hope is to improve pupils emotional awareness and thinking skills, in a supportive environment. It is possible to find a philosophical element in any subject in the curriculum.

If you have any questions about P4C then ask your class teacher or see Mrs Ashton (the P4C coordinator).


PSHE and P4C team


P4C in KS1

Year 1 have been looking at the importance of friendship by making a friendship web.


P4C in KS2

Year 4 have been learning about how to stay safe online.