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Please see the bottom of this page for full curriculum coverage from Nursery to Year 6 and all policies relating to the English curriculum and make sure you keep up to date with our school Twitter feed, to see what’s happening throughout the school in English.


Our English leads are Mrs McDermott, Miss Manley and Miss Weston.

Mrs McDermott (EYFS and KS1)

Miss Manley (Key Stage 2)

Miss Weston (Reading advocate)

Reading at Northcote

Reading is at the forefront of our curriculum and at the heart of everything we do at Northcote.  From Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6, we provide our children with daily opportunities to develop their word recognition, comprehension skills and, above all, their love for reading through our high quality Phonics, Guided Reading, Home Reading and English provision. We encourage our pupils to develop their knowledge of a broad variety of genres using high-quality texts as well as developing their own through use of story mapping, ‘role on the wall’ and performance.

Take a look at how we embrace all things ‘reading’ throughout our school…

Northcote Reading Approaches

From Phonics to Whole Class (Shared) Reading, we adopt multiple strategies to develop our pupil’s reading ability and love for literature.


We use Letters and Sounds to teach Phonics at Northcote Primary School. We supplement it with the Jolly Phonics scheme. For Further information please look at the English Policy.

Support for parents at home – Some useful resources to help your child with phonics at home.

Meet Our Northcote Reading Champions

Every class at Northcote has at least one Reading Champion who is responsible for:

  • Reading, reviewing and recommending a selection of fiction and non-fiction texts at home and at school and during weekly assemblies
  • Reading with other children across the school
  • Ensuring that class reading pods and school library are maintained
  • Helping to plan and deliver reading events

Northcote Reading Buddies!

Our Reading Buddy system is a well-established practice at Northcote and is used to strengthen the bond between key stages, to promote confidence and competence and, above all, to promote a love of reading across the school

Northcote Reading Pods

All classes in the school have dedicated Reading Pods which are stocked with age, ability and interest-appropriate texts. Texts are reviewed and updated regularly in line with the pupils’ interests. Here, the children are able to read for pleasure in a comfortable setting.

Welcome to Northcote Library!

Our school library is at the heart of the school building and is a hive of reading activity! It is well stocked with high-quality reading material which is regularly reviewed and updated. Our school library is used for independent reading, class reading activities such as Guided Reading, Reading events and much, much more.

Welcome to the Northcote Reading Hub!

Our Reading Champions have worked really hard to develop the Northcote Reading Hub on the school playground; designing, selecting reading material and creating the finished product! Here, the children can read a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction texts during their break and lunch times from our ‘reading trolley’ and as well as completing book reviews and other reading based activities. The reading books are chosen by representatives from each class and reviewed and updated regularly in line with the children’s interests to promote reading for pleasure.

Northcote Reading Events

We love to celebrate our love for reading and our reading achievements here at Northcote and really enjoy opportunities to engage with different genres of literature and bring our favourite books to life. Our Reading Champions play a big role in helping to plan our reading events. Take a look at what we have been up to…

World Book Day 2018!


Working with Families- Building a bridge of books

Taffy Thomas ‘Campfire’ Celebration

Training Opportunities for Parents

Looking for opportunities to volunteer or to train to support your child with reading? Check out the links below for more details.

The Life Rooms, Everard Avenue- Activities and Courses
The Life Rooms hosts a range of courses to support you with specific skills and overall well being. There are also opportunities to volunteer at the The Life Rooms!

English and Maths courses at the Salvation Army Community Centre, Cavendish Drive
The Salvation Army offers a wide range of courses such as Maths and English, GCSE Maths and English as well as courses in Spanish, Art.

Activities and training at County and Walton Children’s centre
The Children’s centre hosts a whole timetable of activities and courses to help you and your child develop.

Beanstalk Reading Volunteers
If you would like to train as a reading helper in the community, click on the link below for more information.

Shared Reading Facilitator at The Reader- course and groups
The Reader based in Calderstones park offers a range of reading groups for adults and also provides training so that you can lead your own courses in the community.


Home Reading Help!

At Northcote, we want your home reading experience to be an enjoyable one. Take a look at our Home Reading resources below for hints, tips and resources to help you make the most of your reading time at home.

Home Reading Leaflet 2017-2018.pdf

Year 4 Home Reading Bookmark Twinkl.pdf

Year 6 Home Reading Bookmark Twinkl.pdf

Year 5 Home Reading Bookmark Twinkl.pdf

Year 3 Home Reading Bookmark Twinkl.pdf

Year 2 Home Reading Bookmark Twinkl.pdf

Year 1 Home Reading Bookmark Twinkl.pdf

Reading Dog Posters.pdf

Read Liverpool
A fantastic, FREE website which allows you access thousands of e books at the touch of a button. All you need is a library card and internet access!

BBC School Radio
A fantastic resource full of animations and audio books of modern and classic stories including Carrie’s War and Shakespeare stories such as The Tempest

Myths and Legends
A brilliant resource which provides free access to Myths and Legends animations

Books for Keeps
An online Children’s book magazine

Love Reading 4 Kids
A fantastic website which gives you age and interest specific book recommendations. There is even a facility to download sample extracts!

Writing at Northcote

We develop our writing skills as we progress from mark making in the EYFS to using a range of sentences in KS1. We all use ‘Alan Peat’ sentences in our writing and posters are displayed in our classroom as prompts. Handwriting is a central focus within our school ensuring that children’s writing is joined and cursive. We practise our handwriting weekly in dedicated sessions and apply those skills to our writing daily. We endeavour to embed cross curricular writing in all year groups and curriculum areas.

Northcote english policy 2017 – 18.pdf

GPS Whole School Coverage

We use the Read, Write, Inc scheme to support our learning of spelling rules and alternate this weekly with grammar and punctuation sessions.

Northcote Whole School Coverage linked to termly tests.pdf

Handwriting Policy

handwriting policy.pdf

Long Term Curriculum Coverage for each year group

Nursery long term plan.pdf

reception long term plan.pdf

Year 1.pdf


Year 3.pdf




Mark making in the EYFS