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Attendance Information

A class or child’s attendance is judged as good if it is above 97%.

What should I do if my child is absent?

1. Phone the school on the first morning of absence so that the teacher can be informed.

2. When the child returns, write a note to the teacher explaining the reason for the absence. This note is important and is kept on record.

Attendance Codes

Each week, the teacher must fill in the reason for any absences in the class, for example:

I = Ill (teacher has had a message from the parent / carer)
M = Medical / Dental appointment
L = Late (before 9:30am)
U = Late (after register closes – ½ day absence recorded)
O = Unauthorised Absence (see below)

If a teacher does not receive a message explaining why a child has been off school, this is recorded as Unauthorised Absence. When a child has unauthorised absences, the school will ask the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) to investigate.

Holidays during term time

Due to government legislation Head Teachers are NOT allowed to authorise any holidays during Term Time. Except in “Exceptional Circumstances”.